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Jason Warth is a freelance graphic designer, photographer and DJ based in Chicago, IL. He is relentlessly committed to creative achievement and strives for continuous improvement in all his creative pursuits. His work reflects his passion for things he loves—especially music, friends and family, and beauty—both natural, and man-made.

His early curiosity in photography has grown substantially over time—not only for creative reasons, but also for the deeper insights it has uncovered—proving that the value that comes from observation, exploration and deeper awareness of ourselves can be as rewarding as a great photograph.

That idea is reflected in the work found on this site—and if there is a true creative philosophy behind the work, it is this: The interesting and remarkable things we encounter in our external world are neither interesting or remarkable until we observe them. Beauty is formed—and exists exclusively—in our hearts and minds alone. The challenge of representing beauty in a photograph then, is less about pixel-perfect accuracy or photo-journalistic precision than it is about communicating our own thoughts, moods and ideas as we perceive them in our own individual ways. This type of photography is as much "image-making" as it is "photo-taking."
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